Claims Management

The Easiest Claim to Manage is the One That Never Happens

The cost of your insurance program and your ability to obtain coverage at competitive prices is directly affected by the cost of your claims. While the MHBT Risk Management Team is focused on claims prevention and reducing or eliminating the loss entirely, the MHBT Claims Management Team is focused on making sure that when claims do occur,  your claims are promptly and properly handled and paid. Claims Management is also concerned with reducing the cost of the claims and making certain that claim reserves are appropriate. We are your advocates and take great pride in partnering with you in the following areas:

Protecting your interests in first-party settlement negotiations:  

We work with you and your insurance company to make sure that you get a prompt, fair and equitable settlement.

Resolving coverage disputes:  

Insurance coverage issues are not always clear-cut. Our claims professionals have vast experience in making sure that you receive all the coverage to which you are entitled and the policy provides.

Coordinating and participating in scheduled claims reviews:  

Where necessary, a periodic claim review between you and your insurance company keeps you informed of the progress in the various pending claims. These meetings also assist in promptly closing claims and properly setting reserves.

Monitoring of insurance company claim reserves:

Our claims professionals negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure your claims are properly reserved at an adequate but not excessively high level. This ensures that your experience modifier is calculated with a proper reserve for losses.

Providing claim oversight on selected claims:

Your claim service representative will closely follow claims to make sure that they are handled in a timely manner and key information is given to the claims adjusters so they can effectively settle claims.

Assisting in identifying "outside experts:" 

When needed, we can suggest and involve outside investigators, appraisers and other experts to assist in the resolution of your claim.