Construction & Bonds

You Manage the Project; We Manage the Risk.

The MHBT Construction Team works with construction companies like yours to reduce your total cost of risk and to obtain or increase their bonding limit so they can grow and increase their profits. We help you control the risk of operating your construction company so you can focus on building your projects within your estimates.

When it comes to bonding, our Bond Team will walk with you through the maze of information, forms, financial statements and questions to help you obtain or increase your bonding with the least amount of hassle possible.

You are probably skeptical, but take a few minutes and explore our capabilities. Discover how we can help you reduce your total cost of risk and reduce the hassles of dealing with your insurance and bonding.

If Your Answer is "Yes" to Any of the Following Questions, We Can Help:

  • Is your insurance and bonding a constant distraction and aggravation?
  • Are you frazzled with changes in coverage?
  • Has your bonding capacity been reduced?
  • Do you struggle to understand insurance and all its complexities?
  • Are you frustrated that bidding your insurance may not give you the best broker/agent relationship and that it often leads to being forced into making last-minute decisions?
  • Do you have difficulty with the increasingly complex contractual indemnity clauses in your contracts? 
  • Are you confused by your bonding company and question why have they cut back your capacity?
  • Are your employee benefits costs staggering, and are your employees are still complaining?
  • Do you wonder what impact healthcare reform will have on your bottom line?
  • Knowing there must be a better way to handle the risks you face and obtain the bonding line-of-credit you need, would you be pleased if you could find it?

You are not alone. For nearly a century, we have been welcoming companies just like yours into our family of clients. We look forward to talking to you as soon as you are ready to talk to us.