Global/National Accounts

You Don't Need The Biggest Broker, You Need The Best Broker. You Need MHBT.

The MHBT Global and National Account Team is entirely focused on the specialized needs of large, complex national and international clients. Our U.S. presence  includes clients in all 50 states.  

So . . . How Do We Do It?

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your organization, expectations, corporate culture, definition of value, and, of course, your insurance program. Rather than spread your relationship with us among multiple business units in multiple states or countries, your program is created, implemented and managed by an exclusive team of national and global experts. 

Working closely with your carriers, we find that our method provides clients with a heightened level of consistent service, a single point of contact, proactive and streamlined communication, and efficient administration that knows no borders or boundaries. 

Your risk management, loss control and claims consultants are all in-house and provide you with the instant response team that you need without the cumbersome exercise of discovering where they are. We are where you are and we are here to stay.

Imagine . . . global outreach with a local touch. The best of both worlds, right here at MHBT.