The iCAF Advantage

Welcome to the iCAF Advantage, MHBT's proprietary financial reporting process. Here is how it works:

The MHBT iCAF team imports monthly claims extracts from your claims administrator into our secure database. Our financial team then combines the claims with other plan expenses and revenues (such as stop-loss insurance, administrative fees and employee payroll deductions) to develop the historical and projected cost of your plan.  The resulting reports help you understand the often-hidden factors that are driving your costs, establish realistic expectations and funding targets, and establish a foundation from which we can develop cost-effective strategies to improve the plan and generate savings to the bottom line.

The iCAF reporting package is a product of technical processes, intellectual analysis and deliberate manual intervention that provides superior information when compared to the reporting packages used by most consulting services. The iCAF analytical process reveals otherwise unreported trends, statistics and even underwriting flaws that most consultants would not discover.

On your behalf, MHBT conducts this analysis throughout the year as a tool for our consultants, ensuring that we are engaged year-round in proactively managing your plan.

iCAF Provides Meaningful Data Used To:

  • Identify Costly Conditions, Demographics and Utilization Patterns
  • Recommend Strategic Plan Adjustments
  • Implement Cost-Saving Solutions
  • Target Employee Education and Wellness Initiatives
  • Forecast Your Renewal
  • Negotiate the Most Advantageous Rates

While most carriers continue to use 10-15% for their renewal trend assumptions and most national consultants are saying that cost trends are ranging from 8-13%, MHBT clients enrolled in iCAF have experienced significantly lower trends of 2.1-3.2%. This represents a significant savings for them, and potentially one for you as well.

Please ask your MHBT Benefits Consultant about a free iCAF assessment. We are ready when you are.