Loss Control

The core of our Loss Control service philosophy is to provide impartial safety engineering services to our clients, while holding paramount the safety and health of people and the protection of property and the environment in performing our professional duties. We can accomplish this by partnering with you as well as your insurance carrier to provide Loss Control services specifically designed to reduce risk and minimize financial loss.

Loss Control is available to all clients of MHBT. Look to MHBT for a dependable and reliable source to guide, manage or augment your safety and accident prevention activities:

  • Property Protection Engineering
  • Security Controls
  • Motor Vehicle Loss Prevention
  • Natural Disaster Plans
  • Product Safety Protocol
  • Employee Accident Prevention and Industrial Hygiene
  • Equipment/Asset Protection
  • Loss Control/Risk Management Seminars
  • On-Site Training

Web Sites/Resources:

The following Web links have been particularly useful in helping our clients and loss control associates keep up-to-date in the ever-changing, ever-dynamic field of safety management:

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