MHBT Actuarial Services

MHBT has a staff of four financial analysts dedicated to assisting our clients with their program’s financial needs. In addition to our staff analysts, MHBT partners with the country’s most formidable healthcare actuarial firm to provide real-time health insurance statistical analysis on a national level.  It is our belief that having both in-house analysts coupled with independent, third-party actuaries provides for a well-rounded financial platform.

Our approach to plan financial management is very similar to a carrier managing the risk and profitability of its book of business – analysis from both an underwriting and accounting perspective. The MHBT Financial Analysis Division will bring numerous years of carrier underwriting/accounting experience to the financial management of your  plans, giving you an advantage in the annual and ongoing negotiation of rates and plan design.

The MHBT CFO Platform is an industry leader in benchmarking data, actuarial analysis, and strategic planning for self-funded and fully-insured programs.  Here is a summary of services:

Fully-Insured Programs:

  • Modified Comprehensive Assessment of Health Plans Report
  • Mid-Year Renewal Projection
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Evaluation

Self-Funded Programs:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Health Plans Report
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Projection
  • Financial Monitoring Report
  • Renewal Evaluation
  • Claims Positioning System
  • Budgeting, Contribution & Trend Report
  • Stop-Loss Analysis
  • Incurred But Not Reported Reserve
  • FSA Assist

Additional Services:

  • Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis
  • Merger & Acquisition Assessment Report
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager Evaluation
  • Discount Analysis
  • Benefits Positioning System
  • FASB 106 / GASB 43 / 45 Valuation