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Certificate Tracking at its Best


Most organizations have controls in place to ensure compliance as part of the contractual process. However, they do not often have mechanisms to follow up on certificate expirations and on-going contractual compliance. Therefore, MHBT has developed a comprehensive suite of service solutions, now known as MHBT CertCheck, for our clients to address both the daunting logistical challenge and the vital necessity of reporting on that crucial responsibility.


How it Works:

Utilizing the insurance industry ACORD form and our proprietary “Details of Insurance” form, we scan and input the raw data from the incoming certificates into our system, thus providing immediate visibility for verification of coverage and compliance with your contract requirements. MHBT CertCheck will follow up with vendors on any deficiencies, including completeness, comprehensiveness, or expiration of coverage or certificates. The real-time data entry ultimately allows MHBT’s clients to log on to the secure MHBT CertCheck website to view current information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Reports on the site are generated with one click technology and are viewable immediately on-line and, with one click, exported and opened in Microsoft Excel or formatted to print on your personal printer. A few “stock” reports are listed below:

-Compliance Report
-Vendors With Incorrect Addresses
-Vendors With Suspended Letters
-Vendors With Independent Contractor's Agreement

-Contract Status by Vendor
-Vendors Who Refuse To Sign the Contract
-Vendors Without Contracts
-Vendors Not Meeting Contract Requirements
-Vendors Who Refuse To Meet Contract Requirements
-Vendors Without Accepted Revised Contracts
-Vendors With Contracts Meeting Contract Requirements
-Vendors With Accepted Revised Contracts
-Vendors With Waived Requirements
-Vendors With Waived Contracts

Form W-9
-Vendors With Form W-9
-Vendors Without Form W-9

Workers' Compensation
-Vendors Without Workers' Compensation
-Vendors With Workers' Compensation
-Vendors Not Reporting Statutory Workers' Compensation

-Vendors Without Certificates of Insurance
-Vendors Without Details of Insurance
-Vendors With Certificates But No Details Returned
-Vendors With Certificates That Have Not Been Analyzed
-Vendors With Certificates of Insurance
-Vendors Coverage - Effective and Expiration Dates

-Vendors Without General Liability
-Vendors Without Actions Over Coverage
-Vendors Without Additional Insured on General Liability Policy
-Vendors With Additional Insured for Vicarious Liability Only
-Vendors Without Waiver of Subrogation

AM Best

-AM Best Rating Waivers


At MHBT CertCheck, we are dedicated to providing your company with the most accurate and reliable information in certificate management, which you recognize as both a vital necessity and a daunting logistical challenge. As a result of outsourcing this crucial responsibility to us, you can conduct your daily operations with a high degree of confidence that all the risk protection measures you’ve put in place are adequate and truly in full force. And you can rest assured that the net effect is to lower your cost of risk.

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