MHBT Member Service Center

Wish You Could Expand Your HR Department? Wish No More.

The MHBT Member Service Center is available to your employees for assistance with  requests for ID cards, provider network assistance, claims resolution, and can answer all benefit related questions. You may also choose to offer HR Connection, an easy-to-use employee Web site that provides 24-hour access to company and benefits information.

Here's How It Works:

All calls and emails are handled by an MHBT Member Service Center Representative who is ready to assist with your company's specific plan details and have access to your insurance carriers and TPAs. Employees receive a personal wallet-size card listing the Member Service Center toll-free number and custom email address.

  • Employees have access to a toll-free phone number and are provided with your company's customized service email address -
  • The MHBT Member Service Center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday.

You will receive monthly reports of all calls and activities received through the MHBT Service Center. We enjoy working with the employees and their dependents to bring resolution, and welcome each and every call and service email.

Expand without the expense of expansion.