Non-Profit/Life Enrichment

At MHBT, You Are Not An Account. You Are A Cause.

The MHBT Non-Profit/Life Enrichment Team is a unified group of insurance professionals who began their careers in the nonprofit world. Our involvement in nonprofit organizations runs much deeper than merely a business transaction. We are involved because of our agreement with the philosophy, and the realization of the important role of nonprofit organizations and the life-changing effects they have on individuals, families and our society. We don't just serve your organization, we become a part of your team, share your goals, and live them with you. We believe in you because you believe, and we cherish our mutual desire to have a positive impact on the world around us.

We do not sell insurance. Rather, we assist you in the appropriate purchase of insurance within a customized risk management strategy that fits who you are, where you are and where you are going. Like many brokers, we have total market access and national presence. Unlike most brokers, we understand that you are much more than an account, you are a cause.  

We are Proud to Serve the Following Organizations:

  • Religious Institutions/Churches
  • Academies/Schools/Colleges
  • Children's Services
  • Social Services Organizations
  • Retirement Centers