Pension Actuarial Services

Pension and retiree medical plan sponsors have had a difficult time lately. We can help.

The last few years brought a bewildering array of changes to the sponsors of pension and retiree medical plans. These unwelcome guests have included changes to the funding rules and revisions to the prevailing accounting standards for both public and private plans, plan qualification issues and changes to the rules that administrators must follow. Governing organizations require strict adherence to the new rules and have the authority to impose onerous penalties and fines. In addition to these structural changes, the economic environment has served up historically low discount rates and years of sub-par investment performance. Finally, the prevailing atmosphere for pension plans has turned toxic, and many plan sponsors are adopting a siege mentality towards their plans. If you sponsor a plan that provides traditional pensions, retiree medical, cash balance accounts or other hybrid benefits, deferred compensation, or similar benefits, our consultants can help you identify and resolve your issues, navigate the compliance minefield, and get better control of your costs. We can help ensure that your employee benefit spending is delivering the promise that was intended. 

MHBT provides all the services an ongoing plan needs.

MHBT has a pension actuarial department with senior consultants that average over 25 years of experience in the field. Most of that time was spent with the largest actuarial firms in the business, but now they bring their expertise to MHBT clients. Their services include: 

Actuarial funding and financial expense valuations
Balance sheet entries and financial disclosures
Consulting on new legislation and accounting standards
Benefit certifications
Discrimination testing and periodic government filings
Annual participant notices and benefit statements
Total compensation statements
Participant education seminars and executive counseling
What-if scenarios and cost estimates 

MHBT understands that many plans are moving along a path towards eventual wind-up.

Our consultants can help you with our Plan Termination services, including: 

Plan redesign and de-risking strategies
Preparation of plan termination documents and employee notices
Annuity bids and purchases
Plan termination and final government filings 

We strive to provide the best actuarial and consulting services at reasonable prices. Come see what makes MHBT different.