Property & Casualty

As the MHBT family is more than 200 employees strong, we are able to offer our clients a full complement of industry experts, practice leaders and specialty teams.

No Ordinary Clients

Working proactively with our clients, we are able to anticipate and respond to the demands of an ever-changing and often combustible business environment. We recognize that every organization is different. We also recognize that many brokers or consultants fail to acknowledge these differences by making generic assumptions about the services your company will need and actually use. In contrast to this generalized approach, MHBT has created a unique partnership assessment tool designed specifically for our clients.

No “Cookie Cutter” Solutions

The assessment is constructed to provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of your facilities, staff, culture, current program and the options that are available to you. This process is conducted on-site by our team of specialists, free of charge, and is used to identify, understand and evaluate every aspect of your organization, its strengths and its potential weaknesses.

In final form, the assessment provides our team with the knowledge necessary to make qualified recommendations regarding your employee benefits, wellness and risk management programs. Far from being a gimmick, our record proves that this refined approach leads to enhanced program design, reduced premiums and satisfied clients.