A Vital, Strategic Industry Demands a Dynamic, Adaptive Broker

Carriers of all types come to MHBT for the opportunity to work with a team that knows their business, their coverage needs and their challenges. Carriers that want a specialist to manage their risk and free them up to manage their company. Carriers that want energy, enthusiasm, experience and alternatives. Carriers that want a partner to help them remain competitive and profitable. Welcome to MHBT.

You Need MHBT

If it rolls, floats or flies, the MHBT Transportation Team will custom-craft a program that considers and responds to every aspect of your business and the enterprise risks that you are exposed to. All of our programs come with risk management and loss control analysis and program design, alternative funding options, administrative support and certificate management, and employee compliance and benefit assistance.

Our claims management and advocacy team are some of the most praiseworthy folks in the industry, and our global network of partners ensures that you receive the proactive service and guidance that you need, prior to needing it. When it comes to your insurance program, we share your dislike of surprises.